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Remapping is the process of editing the original software on your ECU to increase the efficiency of how your engine burns fuel and air. This allows for a bigger bang creating more power. We can then also increase fuelling and adjust other parameters like fuel/ignition timing, boost pressure, driver response and other areas to create a whole new driving experience in your car.




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Primary Services


OBD Remapping

This is the process of reading the ECU information via the diagnostic port in your car. This is usually the faster and more efficient way of remapping a vehicle and takes a lot less effort therefore reducing the cost for the customer. Please be aware that not all cars can be remapped via the OBD diagnostic port and some may require a Bench Tune.

There is a process on some newer vehicles known as Virtual Reading where we do not have to read the information off the ECU, we just take the ecu software identification number and check our database for an identical version, which we can then modify and re-write to the car. This is successful about 90% of the time.

Bench Tuning

This is the process where the ECU has to be physically removed from the vehicle and the information is read directly from the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This process is a lot more thorough as all of the ECU information can be accessed and allows for not only remapping, but ECU cloning and other more complicated procedures to be done easily. This is more time consuming and labour intensive which is why it is usually more expensive.

Extended Services

EGR Solutions

We offer EGR solutions for cars that are having current issues, or would like to avoid issues with this system. The EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is an emission control device designed to reduce NOx emissions to help towards the ever more stringent Euro Emission Regulations.

The EGR valve is constantly working with burnt exhaust gases they contain high levels of soot content. This soot can create build-up of carbon deposits around the valve which can cause this mechanism to have have reduced functionality and stick in various positions. For the highest level of performance, the EGR valve has to be closed which creates a closed loop environment for the turbo system which allows it to pressurise. A problematic EGR can create an leak off for the turbo pressure as it provides a feedback straight to the intake manifold and as a result can cause boost issues along with huge reductions in power and also fuel economy.

DPF Solutions

We also offer DPF (Diesel Particulate filter) solutions for cars that are having issues with this problematic device. It was designed by manufacturers to sit in the exhaust system and filter out up to 80% of diesel particulate (soot) emissions. They have an average lifespan on 75,000 miles but can be subject to large variation depending on vehicle use and engine condition. The ECU controls the amount of soot within the DPF system and when it forces a regeneration cycle it burns the particulate matter down to a much smaller amount of finer soot, but this does not completely remove it from the DPF. Over time, the fine soot content builds up to a point where a regeneration cycle is no longer able to be performed; at this point the filter either needs emptying or replacing.


Most DPF regenrations happen on motorway drives when the RPM is stable and the ECU can force fuel into the exhaust to increase temperatures of the DPF to burn away the excess soot. If your vehicle is used mainly for town driving or short journeys, this can stop the regeneration process and leave your DPF clogged.


We offer a standing idle DPF regeneration. This allows us to force the ECU into a regenration at standstill idle. It usually takes around 1 hour and requires at least 1/4 of a tank of diesel and can be added with any of our software packages or done as a standalone service. Sometimes the DPF can be too built up with soot which means the only options left available are removal or replacement.

Our DPF delete software will ensure that you have no recurring issues after the DPF removal which gives you piece of mind that your vehicle will not go into limp mode due to DPF regeneration ever again. Due to current M.O.T regulations this is for off-road use vehicles only.

ECU Cloning
We offer a service for those who are having ECU performance issues or issues where the vehicle wont start due to ECU failure. This is known as ECU cloning and allows us to transfer all live data including immobiliser information over to a working ECU. We have also done this for customers who would like to be able to keep the standard ECU, yet also have a mapped one to be able to swap over, and back to, as they please.
Factory Software Upgrades

Our Factory Software Upgrade is for vehicles where there are a range of BHP specifications, yet they are mechanically identical. For example:

Volkswagen Transporter T5 2.0 TDI.

For this vehicle there are 3 standard trims. the 84 bhp model, the 102 bhp model and the 138 bhp model.

These are all mechanically Identical and we are able to load the factory maps from the 102 bhp or the 138 bhp model to increase the 84 bhp or 102 bhp, to the higher model specifications. There is also the option to increase it with our Stage 1 remap to 187 bhp.

DTC Removals

DTC removal is the process of removing troublesome codes, that may put your vehicle into limp mode, or bring the MIL (engine management) light on. This can be caused when work has been done to the vehicle, for example swirl flap deletes, secondary air pump system deletes, EGR and DPF removals. This service can be done along with other services or as a standalone service.

OBD Mapping



The process of reading the ECU information and software, then re-writing the modified file via the diagnostic port. 

Bench Tuning



 The process of removing the ECU from the vehicle, opening and reading all the information on the bench. This is also used for cloning ECU’s and more complex tuning/editing including
   when OBD communication
is locked.

Stage 3-4 Tuning



Stage 3-4 tuning applications for the more heavily modified vehicles. This includes tuning, road logging and adjustments to our software as necessary.

Secondary adjustments from as little as £75, terms and conditions apply.